Style and art coexist in the small area occupied by the old neighborhood of Retiro. Plaza San Martín is the access door to this area which outstands por its elegance and good taste. A self guided tour should begin in Plaza San Martín, which had many uses in its 400 years of existance. A fort called La Batería was built there first, which defended the inhabitants of the city from pirates and other attacks. In 1713 the site was purchased by a slave trading company and after this, a huge bullfighting ring with a 10,000 spectator capacity was built.

Nevertheless, one of the most significant events was the expulsion of British troops who occupied Buenos Aires. The area was called “Campo de la Gloria” in honor to this. The General San Martín Granaderos a Caballo corps established its barracks here. It was in 1878 that the square got its definite name honoring San Martín´s hundredth birthdate.

Magnificent buildings which house today elegant hotels and government offices rise around plaza San Martín. International clothes brands coexist on Florida street with retail stores offering exclusive products of Argentine manufacture. Further ahead, on streets Reconquista and San Martín, a flourishing bar district specializing in beer is the perfect choice for the early evening, when two drinks for the price of one is an excellent argument to meet new people. Arroyo street concentrates art galleries exposing the work of well known contemporary artists.